Why The Brand Cadbury Chocolate Is So Well Known And Popular

For nearly everyone the names Cadbury and chocolate are almost one in the same, especially for those who are connoisseurs of the sweet tasting substance. These days one can find Cadbury chocolates in a variety of locations like grocery stores, mall shops, specialty stores, and especially in Easter Baskets. I think you may find the story of Cadbury chocolate and how it came to be and spread all over the globe to be very interesting.

Frye and Sons of Bristol England are credited as being the first in that area to manufacture chocolate as a confection in the mid 1800s. Early into the next century a merger was formed with the company named Cadbury who made the confectionary delight famous. All of the chocolates made by Cadbury today are directly descended from the ones that were first made by Frye and sold to people in Europe before any other.

Cadbury also is responsible for making the very first milk chocolate bars in the late 1800s. Cadbury was the forerunner from which the rest of the chocolate making industry got their inspiration. The reason for this is that the founder of the Cadbury Company, John Cadbury was very stringent on insisting that the chocolate he produced be of only the absolute highest quality possible.

In the world today Cadbury still remains one of the leaders in the industry in the United Kingdom, but over the last century the company has garnered a global fan base that loves their confections. Cadbury chocolates come in a wide range of different products from candies and chocolate bars to dry powder and drinkable chocolate.

During the holidays Cadbury chocolates are extremely popular and have become a part of many a family’s holiday celebration for a number of generations. Who can go without a Cadbury chocolate crème Easter egg? According to the company these chocolate eggs are Cadbury’s best product as far as sales performance from the start of the New Year through Easter every single year.

Many of the company’s products that are made in the U.K. are never seen in the United States but there is still a wide assortment of their chocolate bars available and they are especially prevalent during holidays when many stores import their gift chocolates.

Now that you have learned a little about the Cadbury Chocolate Company be sure to share the knowledge with friends and family at the next gathering where you are feasting on the scrumptious confection.