Fire Risk Assessments – What Are They All About?

Are you the responsible person?

If you are the owner, occupier or manager of a building or business then you may be that person.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 places responsibilities on the responsible person to ensure that a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment has been carried out.

If you do not do this and the enforcing authorities pay you a visit (your local Fire Authority) then they could issue you with a number of notices from an informal letter indicating what you need to do to comply or close you down.

What they are looking for when they turn up on your door step:

First and foremost they will want to see an up to date Risk Assessment, then maybe your Fire Safety Log Book, your Means of Escape, Fire Exits, Fire Safety Signs, Staff Training Records, maintenance records, basically the less you have in place the more they will dig. A good FRA will identify all the issues above and many more from whether your electrical equipment has been PAT tested to whether you need a Fire warning system installing.

How much do Fire Risk Assessments cost:

Well, how long is a piece of string? There are companies out there that will happily charge you £40, give you a few scraps of paper with a few generic questions with tick boxes filled in (usually wrong) and then disappear into the night never to be seen again… or have to answer questions from the Fire & Rescue Service. When choosing a Fire Risk Assessor you, as the responsible person have a duty to ensure that the person you appoint has the suitable qualifications/experience. Your first port of call should be to ask whether the assessor is on any kind of register that has seen 3rd party accreditation such as the IFSM, the IFE or FRACS. Yes, you will probably pay a little bit more for your assessment but in return you get a lot more for your money.

Below are some rough costs that we would charge for local businesses:

Small block of flats- £150.00

Small take away shop- £200.00

2 storey office block-£250.00

Medium size hotel- £350.00

Care Home- £400.00

Included in the prices above is telephone help 24/7 for 12 months this is to help all our clients make the right decisions with regards to Fire Safety. We also liaise with the Fire & Rescue Service on your behalf again all this is included in the cost of the Assessment.

My final advice is choose wisely, if the Fire Risk Assessor is ex-fire service then again that can only be a good thing.

If you need any more information then why not give us a call, it doesn’t cost anything!