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PR is overlooked by most builders because they believe they will not be able to get their stories or businesses in the media. It is very possible for any business owner to get massive amounts of free publicity that would normally cost £100’s if not £1000’s of pounds if they paid for it through traditional advertising.

When you get a story featured in your local paper or on the local radio station it is actually better than a conventional advert because it carries a lot more credibility than a basic advert.

I have spoken to business owners who have transformed their businesses just through the use of PR, they have simply sent a one page press release to targeted media and they generated an incredible amount free publicity.

Here is one PR strategy you should try using to get free publicity for your business:

Position yourself as an expert in your industry and tell all of your local media about yourself. At the time of writing this we are going through a very uncertain economic time and the housing market is not looking very good, so if you are a builder for instance you could contact all of your local media with a news story which would tell everybody how to improve the value of their home in an uncertain market.

You would obviously do your research first, you could then write a one page press release about how you have information to help home owners including your top tips for improving the value of people’s homes. If you are confident and you have some information that is genuinely going to help people you will find it very easy to get some free publicity, if you get on well with your local media you can soon become the person that they contact when they need information relating to your field of expertise.

Reporters are crying out for new and interesting people to feature in their papers, magazines or shows and if your news is current you will find it easy to get some free publicity.

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